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I'm Marcel, 26 years old.

I was born in Glasgow, grew up in a little town and now for 2.5 years in Westbroek of which 1.5 years with my wife.


As a child I always wanted to be an astronaut or an inventor. With K'nex and Legos I built everything I could think of, to working bands guns and everthing.


Unfortunately I had to go a different way because of my rather severe dyslexia. A long road that eventually brought me a lot of practical knowledge, experience and motivation.


In high school, the dream was still to be inventer. The first educationalpath was to become a carpenter. After graduating I went to MBO building/contruction which is like university in the us. in the netherlands this has mutiple tiers 1 trough 4. in sort I had to start in tier 2 and to get to tier 4 was going to be 4 years of studing so a spend a whole summer vacation learning to do an intake test in tier 4 which succeded. and after a four year studie in tier 4 I graduated.


After that long proses always said: I will not study anymore. But when I was dating my now wife I learned about the HKU trough her, and I was so excited. First I did a year Spatial design (architecture direction), but surprisingly it wasn't for me. I then moved on to product design. This suits me really well and I am now in the fourth year. I've done and learned a lot and I find great pleasure in making things. On this website you can see a selection of it.


Just take a look around if you haven't already. If you have questions or comments just hit me up on the contact form below or via mail.









Marcel Coufreur-Blaauwendraad

Dr. Welfferweg 1


Westbroek, the netherlands




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